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    Putting into operation of the Tesla's Transformer

    Model of the 12 million volts transformer was put into operation for the first time on July 10, the day of Tesla's birth, on the Sava's promenade at Kalemegdan.

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    Samsung Project

    The winner of the national contest "Be like Tesla" is a primary school "Mihajlo Pupin" from Zemun with his project "Carousel". The winning school received a fully equipped Samsung digital classroom.

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    Museum Library

    Tesla's personal stock consists primarily of expert publication, and above all, handbooks in the fields he dealt with, then the patents, dictionaries, and literary works, as well as from medical and other areas.

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    Tesla’s personal archive consist of 163,911 signatures of  documents, manuscripts, scientific notes, calculations, drawings and letters.

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    Tesla's Inventions

    Go through the rich collection of Nikola Tesla Museum.

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    The museum corpus consists of nine collections. Within this corpus, more than 1200 items was officially registered.

Greetings Buffalo

On Saturday, April 22nd, at the Museum of History of Science in Buffalo, presbyter and author Oliver Subotić held a lecture The Spiritual Character of Nikola Tesla about the little-known spiritual side of Tesla's personality. The event, which sparked the audience's attention, was inspired by the revealing of the model of the new statue of Nikola Tesla, in the center of the city Tesla first illuminated with the alternating current, back in 1896. ...

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