Reconstruction of Nikola Tesla’s handwriting

If eyes are the mirrors of the soul, then handwriting is its trace on paper, its graphic expression.

The idea was to make a typographic script based on the samples of Nikola Tesla's handwriting from available documents, a digital font for computer use that would largely correspond to his handwriting, and at the same time be legible enough to be used.


Authors had three sources at our disposal: the notes from Colorado Springs from 1899, in ink, in English; a correspondence with Mr. Radosavljević from 1914 in Serbian, in ink and pencil, in the Cyrillic script; one telegram, also sent to Mr. Radosavljević, in pencil, in Serbian, in the Latin script; and a long letter written to Pola Fotić in 1939, where Tesla describes his childhood, in pencil, in English.

Rastko Ćirić
Font creators:

Vladimir Popović, Olivera Stojadinović
Preparation and research of archive material:
Ivana Zorić, Milica Kesler, Andrija Panić, Zorica Civrić

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